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Browns Plains Dental Centre offers a complete range of dental services. Whether you simply desire your regular check up and clean, require a full mouth restoration, or anything in between, we have a treatment option to suit your circumstances. We also take pride in being able to provide specialised treatments such as implants and orthodontics to our patients at affordable prices.

tooth whitening


Looking to rejuvenate your smile? Come in and talk to us about veneers. Composite veneers provide a quick and inexpensive transformation while porcelain veneers are a stronger long term option. We can also freshen up those pearly whites with either a take home or in surgery whitening treatment.

dental implant


If you are tired of gaps or struggle with missing teeth, consider implants. The gold standard in replacing a natural tooth, implants not only look like a real tooth, they also function like one in restoring your chewing ability. Unlike some other surgeries who will just refer you to an expensive implantologist, Browns Plains Dental Centre can complete your treatment from start to finish.



Browns Plains Dental Centre can fit you or your child with braces to improve the alignment of the teeth. Braces not only improve the look of your smile but can be vital for proper function and avoiding excessive tooth wear. Properly positioned teeth are easier to keep clean and therefore reduce the risk of decay. Please come in for a consultation to find out if this treatment is suitable for you.


Crown & Bridge

Crowns are the best way to strengthen compromised teeth, helping you to protect them from cracks and breakage and preserve them for a lifetime. Especially recommended for teeth that have required root canal treatment. A bridge is one or more false teeth that sit between crowns to replace lost teeth.

root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve that is inside the root of the tooth has died or become infected. This can be triggered by past trauma or decay. It involves removing the affected nerve, applying medication and inserting a root and surface filling over approximately two visits.



Partial dentures are an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. They are available in different materials such as chrome or acrylic.

Full dentures are used when no natural teeth remain, however they can be unstable and difficult for some individuals to adjust to. It is therefore recommended natural teeth are preserved whenever possible.